infant classroom

Each child is assigned to a primary caregiver. This primary caregiver makes sure your child’s needs, physical and emotional, are met. Your child quickly becomes close and develops a trusting relationship with their caregiver. Because of this close relationship, the caregiver knows how to individualize their lesson plans for each child in their care. We offer a variety of age-appropriate activities to each child according to their abilities including floor play, tummy time, messy/sensory play, water play, stroller walks, art projects, book time, etc.

Sample schedule

6:00-8:30    Arrival – parent/teacher check-in, free play, music
8:00-9:00    Breakfast and/or bottle
9:00      Diaper changes and naps as needed
9:30-11:00    Art, Large muscle (outside/gym), free play, music, tummy time
11:00     Diaper changes
11:00-12:30   Lunch and/or bottle
12:30 and on   Naps as needed, free play, outside time
1:00       Diaper changes
1:00-6:00     Bottles as needed
2:00-2:30     Music and movement
2:30       Snack for older infants
3:00      Diaper changes, free play, tummy time, book time
5:00      Diaper changes
3:30-6:00    Departure – parent/teacher communication

Bottles, diapers, and naps as needed throughout the day on an individual basis.