Every day my friends and I will read with my teachers, sing, make fun art projects, learn about colors, build with blocks and have lots of fun! On nice days we will play outside; on “bad weather” days we’ll exercise our big muscles in the indoor gym. In my new classroom I will eat with my friends at a big table using the perfect-sized fork and spoon and a sippy cup. I will brush my teeth every day after lunch with water and sleep on a cot with my own blanket.

Sample schedule

6:00-8:30   Arrival – Health checks, Parent-Teacher check-in, Child-initiated play
8:30-9:00   Breakfast & Clean-up
9:00-9:30   Diapering/Toilet time
9:30-10:00   Stories, Art, Fine motor activities, Clean-up
10:00-10:30   Child-initiated play (odd days) or Large motor/Outside/Gym (even days)
10:30-11:00   Child-initiated play (even days) or Large motor/Outside/Gym (odd days)
11:00-11:15    Music & movement
11:15-12:00   Lunch/Clean-up/Teeth brushing/Diapering/Toilet time
12:00-2:00   Nap time
2:00-2:30    Diapering/Toilet time/Fine motor
2:30-3:00    Afternoon snack & Clean-up
3:00-3:30    Child-initiated play
3:30-4:30  Art, Outside time, Free play
4:30-5:15   Large motor/Gym
5:15-6:00   Late snack/Table toys/Departure/Parent-Teacher communication